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  • Located in the Central Highlands of Victoria, Ballarat is the third largest city in Victoria.
  • The total population of Ballarat is approximately 105,000
  • Ballarat is the 1st city to be registered as a member of the International League of Historical Cities in 2003.
  • The city has rich history with its stunning architecture, wide streets, and one of Australia's fastest-growing inland cities.

Living in Ballarat as a student

  • The city is located just 110 km to the west of Melbourne and about an hour's distance from Victoria via road
  • Living cost and accommodation in Ballarat is more affordable than other big cities in Australia making it an important factor for international students to choose Ballarat to study.
  • The welcoming and multicultural environment of the city makes it easier for international students to adjust.


  • The city has a moderate oceanic climate and has four distinct seasons.
  • Ballarat experiences significant rainfall throughout the year. The hottest month is February, and the lowest temperatures are recorded in July.


  • Ballarat is known for its cultural heritage and decorative arts, making it a picturesque landscape.
  • The city hosts a range of events, festivals, activities and attractions and is alive with various restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • Other popular annual cultural festivals held in Ballarat include the Ballarat Beer Festival, Ballarat Airport Open day, Ballarat Sweep Meet, Ballarat Heritage Weekend, the Ballarat Writers Festival, Goldfields music festival and more.


  • Universities in Ballarat offer different levels of degree in various courses such as Business, education and early childhood, engineering, humanities and social sciences, information technology, nursing, performing arts, visual arts and design, psychology, science, sports, health, physical and outdoor education.

Why Study in Ballarat?

  • Ballarat has two internationally renowned Universities
    • Federation University
    • Australian Catholic University( Aquinas campus)
  • Initially, Federation University was known as the University of Ballarat and was renamed Federation University in 2014. Federation University's main campus is located in Mount Helen, conveniently located just 6 kilometres from the city centre. Additional campuses are located in the CBD of Ballarat, Horsham, Churchill, Ararat and Stawell.

Work opportunities

  • International students usually look for casual and part-time work while completing their studies to help pay for their living expenses in Australia.
  • Students in Ballarat are allowed to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight while studying. During semester breaks, students can work for an unlimited number of hours.
  • According to the recent update Australian government, after completion of course post study work permits have been increased by one year in Ballarat for international students pursuing Bachelor's and Master's Degree


  • There are sample of internship options available for students studying in Ballarat. The internships give students an opportunity for hands-on experience in their relevant field and can really boost their employability.
  • The duration of internship ranges from 20 days - 12 weeks and many more.

Major Commercial Sectors

The key industry sectors in Ballarat are the service industry, with primary businesses including tourism, hospitality, retail, professional services, education and government administration. Secondary industry sectors include Manufacturing. Emerging industry sectors include IT and renewable energy sectors.

Major Attraction

  • The Art Gallery in Ballarat is the oldest regional Art Gallery in Australia, comprising indigenous and contemporary art which is a major tourist attraction.
  • The city also has numerous other galleries and museums, showcasing historical and contemporary art.
  • Ballarat also houses one of Australia's iconic theatres, has an active music scene, magnificent architecture and an array of boutique stores.
  • The city has several heritage walking tours, which will take you through the city's rich history and fabulous architecture.
  • The museum of Australian Democracy is another exciting place to learn about Australia's democratic history.
  • Ballarat also has a Gold Museum, explaining about the city's intriguing history of the gold rush era.
  • The city provides easy access to spectacular sights of the Grampian Mountains and the great Ocean Road.