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Australian National University (Anu)


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  • Australian National University, shortly referred to as ANU, is the national research university located in the capital city of Australia, i.e. Canberra.
  • Australian National University is the leading university for education and research, established in 1946 by the Parliament of Australia. The University is home to approximately 21,000 students, including 8,240 international students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • The University has produced six Nobel Laureates and 49 Rhodes Scholars, two Australian Prime Ministers, 30 Australian ambassadors and several heads of government departments in Australia.
  • The University's Acton campus is home to seven teaching and research colleges such as:


  • ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
    • Research School of Social Science (RSSS)
    • Research School of Humanities and Arts
  • ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
    • Crawford School of Public Policy
    • Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
    • School of Regulation and Global Governance
  • ANU College of Business & Economics
    • Social policy Evaluation, Analysis and Research Centre
    • Australian National Centre of Audit and Assurance Research
    • ANU Centre for Economic History, the National Centre of Information system Research
    • ANU Centre of Economic Policy Research
  • ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
    • National Computational Infrastructure Facility
    • Information and Communications technology research Centre
  • ANU College of Law
  • ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Science
  • ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment

Why choose ANU

  • Australian National University is amongst the top public universities in Canberra, QS World University Ranking 2021 ranks the University at 31st position in the world and first in Australia.
  • QS World University Ranking ranks the University subject wise at 5th position and 66th position for global employability ranking.
  • Australian National University is ranked 59th in the world by the Times Higher Education 2021.
  • The University has a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, smaller class sizes at Australian National University means that students have better chances of one-on-one sessions with lecturers and tutors.
  • The University offers work-integrated learning and internship opportunities for its students, ensuring students are career-ready when they graduate.
  • Australian National University is a member of the prestigious International Alliance of Research Universities, “Group of eight” (Go8) Universities in Australia, Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). The University is also a part of edX, an online learning platform founded by Harvard University known to deliver world-class education and research.
  • 95% of the university's research is recognized as 'Above World Standard' or 'Well-Above' world standard.

Campus Locations

The University has its main campus located in the suburbs of Acton. Other additional campuses are in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Acton Campus

  • Located in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, the Acton Campus is known for its stunning landscape. The campus has more than 10,000 trees which include 500 exceptionally significant of their age.
  • The campus is located close to Australia's significant cultural and political institutions, such as the Australian Parliament House.
  • The campus houses several lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, administration buildings and student residences. The campus additionally includes cafes, bars, supermarkets, childcare centers, a news agency, a post office and a medical Centre.
  • The campus has eight buildings which are listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List (CHL).

Kioloa Campus

  • Established in 1975, Kioloa Campus is the Australian University's coastal campus located in New South Wales.
  • The campus has several research facilities and accommodation options for short- and long-term stays, field training courses, educational field trips and other educational activities. The campus has facilities for conducting workshops, seminars, meetings and annual retreats.

Additional Campuses

Mount Stromlo Observatory

  • The Mount Stromlo Observatory (MSO) is the home of the University's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, located 18kms away from Canberra.
  • Mount Stromlo Observatory includes an administrative Centre, offices of the astronomers and students, mechanical, electronic and optical workshops, and computer labs.

North Australia Research Unit Campus

  • Established in 1973, the North Australian Research Unit (NARU) campus is a research facility located in Darwin, Northern Territory, around a 15 km drive from the central city.
  • The facility provides accommodation and resources for researchers working in northern territory and surrounding regions.
  • The NARU campus has established the Arafura Timor Research Facility, a joint venture between ANU and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Siding Spring Observatory
  • Founded in 1964, it is the largest optical observatory in Australia and a key site for astrophysics, space science, and astronomy.
  • Located at the summit of Mr Woorut, in New South Wales, The Siding Spring Observatory is set within the national heritage-listed site of Warrumbungle National park, 30 km from the town of Coonabarabran.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Australian National University offers a wide range of scholarships for international students based on study level, subject area. The scholarship selection criteria depend on academic merit, financial hardship, Gender, disability/personal illness, Leading athlete, LOW SES, Refugee/Humanitarian status and more.

Some scholarships offered to international students include:

  • 10kclub.io Scholarship
  • A E Ringwood Supplementary Scholarship
  • A&A Masters Higher Degree Research Award
  • Action Trust Honors Scholarship
  • Agent-Based modelling Scholarship
  • Alex Rodgers Travelling Scholarship
  • Alexander McTaggart Honors Scholarship


On-Campus Accommodation

Bruce Hall – Daley Road

  • Situated on the Acton Campus, Bruce Hall was the first undergraduate residence hall for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All residents at Bruce Hall are provided with catered accommodation and a secure social, academic and cultural environment.

Burgmann College

  • Burgmann College is located in a parkland setting on the Acton campus, offering 39 catered room accommodation for undergraduate students. Burton and Garran Hall
  • Burton and Garran Hall offers 512 single rooms for undergraduate students.

Fenner Hall

  • Fenner Hall is one of the newest residential halls to be added to the Acton campus and can accommodate up to 450 residents at a time. Residents can enjoy the benefit of living close to the campus and access to many cafes and restaurants.

Ursula Hall Main Wing

  • The Ursula Hall offers accommodation facilities for up to 208 residents at a time.

Wamburun Hall

  • The Wamburun Hall is the newest residence hall on the campus, offering 500 self-catered single- accommodation options for students. The Hall is located in proximity to the Australian bushland.