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University of Fraser Valley


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  • Established in 1974 as Fraser Valley College, later known as the University of Fraser Valley, shortly referred to as UFV, is a Canadian government-funded university located in the Fraser Valley towards the east of Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • The University of Fraser Valley offers 100+ programs, including 17 bachelor programs major and minor in various disciplines, four graduate certificates, three master's programs and dozens of technology and trade programs.
  • The University enrols approximately 15,000 students every year, yet has a small classroom size as the student-faculty-ration is 25:1 so that students experience a hands-on learning environment.
  • The University of Fraser Valley offers a Unique Pathway program in India at the HHS SD College, Chandigarh, where students can complete one year of study in India and get transferred to the University's British Columbia Campus.

Faculty at University of Fraser Valley

  • College of Arts
  • Faculty of Access and Continuing Education
  • Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Science
  • School of Graduate Studies

Why study at University of Fraser Valley?

  • According to the Canadian University Survey Consortium 2019, almost 90%of University students are "satisfied" to "very satisfied" to attend the University of Fraser Valley, also 90% of first-year students are strongly satisfied with the quality of education.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement 2019 by first-year and above students indicates, 79% of first-year students rate the overall education experience as excellent.
  • 97% of the students at the University of Fraser Valley are very satisfied with the quality of education, as stated by the Baccalaureate Graduate Survey report 2019.


The University of the Fraser Valley has campuses across Canada and a global campus in Chandigarh, India.

Abbotsford Campus

The Abbotsford campus is the University's main campus. It offers high-end modern facilities, including a library, office spaces, a cafeteria, a residential section, a bookshop, and sports and student centres.

Chilliwack Campus

The University of Fraser Valley has a LEED Gold-certified infrastructure on 85 acres in Chilliwack's Canada Education Park, with such a striking auditorium, large classrooms, state-of-the-art science and computer labs, an equipped dental clinic, nursing stations, a library, a bookstore, a cafeteria.

Additional Locations

  • Mission Campus
  • Aerospace Centre
  • Agriculture Centre
  • Clearbrook Centre
  • Hope Centre
  • Trades & Technology Centre

International Campus

Chandigarh Campus (India)

  • The University of Fraser Valley has its international campus in India at GGD SD College. Students studying at the Indian Campus can opt for transfer after completing one, two, or three years of education in Indian and can also save up to 60% while studying in Canada.
  • Undergraduate Pathway Programs leading to Bachelors in Canada:
    • Business Administration – Leading to Canadian BBA degree
    • Liberal Arts – Leading to Canadian BA degree
    • Computer Information Systems – Leading to Canadian BCIS degree


University of Fraser valley offers two types of scholarships, i.e. entrance scholarship, University scholarship.

Entrance Scholarships

Students enrolling in the University of Fraser Valley just for completing high schooling of graduation may qualify for the scholarship. The students are assessed based on their academic excellence and achievements, social involvement experience and leadership quality. Following are the other entrance scholarships:

  • The University of Fraser Valley/ Community Endowment Entrance Scholarship
  • University of Fraser Valley President's Entrance Scholarship
  • University of Fraser Valley Excellence Entrance Scholarship

University of Fraser Valley Scholarship

University offers million-dollar scholarships every year department wise for high achieving students in academics and should be actively involved in community services and volunteer work. The student should qualify for leadership awards.


The University of Fraser offers more than 100 programs, including bachelor, master and graduate certificate programs. Following are the popular disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Aviation
  • Business Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Information System
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • English


Abbotsford Campus offers on-campus accommodation; the University's Baker House is located in the Abbotsford Campus. Those who want to experience every bit of a student's life should go for on-campus accommodation.