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States Details of UK



The most populated country of the United Kingdom with a population of 5.3 million , and it shares its borders with Wales towards the west, Scotland to the north, Irish Sea towards the North West and Cetic Sea to its south west. England occupies almost half of Great Britain.



The northest part of the United Kingdom, Scotland occupies almost on thor of Great Britain. The country is surrounded by England to the south, Atlantic ocean to the north and west and North Sea to the east. The Capital city Edinburgh is an historical city. Also the country is home to multiple UNESCO sites.



It is an Island country located in Great Britain to the west of England, known for its mountains, rugged coastline and parks. Wales is home to approximately 3,063,456 people. An ideal country to live in because of its low crime rate and cosmopolitan and relaxed lifestyle.

North Ireland


A developed country, Northern Ireland is a constituent part of the United Kingdom, it shares its borders with Republic Ireland to the south and west, the capital city is Belfast and is home to 1,810,863 people.