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Seneca College


Seneca College established in 1967
  • Established in 1967, a division of a provincial initiative in order to build Ontario's vast network of career-oriented colleges of applied arts and technology.
  • Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, shortly known as Seneca College, offers full-time and part-time programs in various levels such as diplomas, certificates, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees.
  • The college has campuses located throughout Greater Toronto and Peterborough.

Faculty and Schools

Following are the Faculty and Schools at Seneca College:

Faculty of Applied Arts & Health Sciences

  • School of Community Services
  • School of Early Childhood Education
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Safety
  • School of Recreation & Environmental Studies

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Technology

  • School of Aviation
  • School of Biological Science & Applied Chemistry
  • School of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • School of Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology
  • School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology
  • School of Information Technology Administration & Security
  • School of Software Design & Data Science

Faculty of Arts

  • English Language Institute
  • School of Arts & Science
  • School of English & Liberal Studies

Faculty of Communication, Art & Design

  • School of Creative Arts & Animation
  • School of Fashion
  • School of Marketing & Media

Seneca Business

  • School of Accounting & Financial Services
  • School of Hospitality & Tourism
  • School of Management & Entrepreneurship
  • School of Human resources & Global Business
  • School of Legal, Public & Office Administration

Faculty of Continuing Education & Training

Why Study at Seneca College?

  • Seneca College has gain affiliations with Colleges Ontario, Colleges and Institutes Canada, Polytechnics Canada, Canadian Bureau of International Education, CivicAction and Chambers of Commerce.
  • The college encourages students to gain real-world experience by providing them with enriching learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. The co-op program allows students to utilized the skills learnt classroom in the actual workspace.
  • The institutions have dedicated departments to assist students in various fields such as:
    • Accessibility services assist students with documentation, academic accommodation and specific learning skills.
    • Seneca Works helps students with career planning and development throughout the tenure of the course.
    • Counselling sessions are also available for students to help them deal with personal and professional problems.


The Seneca College has its Campus spread all over the Greater Toronto Area, and each location offers different academic specialities and unique facilities. Following are the eight campuses of Seneca College:

King Campus

  • Seneca's King campus is situated at 139990 Dufferin Street, King City, surrounded by the scenic beauty of forest, lakes and grasslands.
  • The King Campus offers full-time programs in
    • Applied Arts
    • Health Sciences
    • Community Services

Markham Campus

  • The Markham Campus is located at 8 The Seneca Way, Markham, close to Markham's Central Business District. The Markham Campus also houses the Seneca International Academy.
  • The Seneca International Academy opens a gateway for international students to provide them with world-class education.
  • Established in 2005, Seneca's Markham campus was the first institution to offer post-secondary education in Markham City.
  • The Markham Campus offers programs in the following disciplines:
    • Finance
    • Human Resource
    • Information Technology Services

Newnham Campus

  • The Newnham Campus is the largest Campus of the Seneca College located at Finch Avenue in Toronto.
  • The Campus accommodated more than 15,000 students and offered programs in the following study area:
    • Engineering
    • Aviation
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Fashion
    • Opticianry
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Liberal Arts

Peterborough Campus

  • Seneca's Peterborough Campus is also referred to as “Seneca's aviation campus”, is nested in the Peterborough Airport.
  • Established in 2014, the Campus offers a Bachelor in Aviation program.

Seneca International Academy

  • Established in 2020, the new Seneca International Academy opens a gateway for international students to provide them with world-class education.

York Campus

The York Campus, referred to as Seneca@York, is home to several schools offering courses in the following study areas:

  • Arts and Science
  • Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry
  • Computer Services
  • Creative Arts and Animation
  • Marketing
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Media

Yorkgate Campus

  • The college's Yorkgate Campus offers programs in Social Service Worker, Practical Nursing and Personal Support Worker.

Seneca Downtown

  • Seneca Downtown location offers full-time and part-time programs, and the Campus also offers professional studies certifications.


Every year Seneca College offers millions of dollars for scholarships, awards and bursaries to help students financially.

Entrance Award

The college offer Entrance awards to students enrolling for higher education in Seneca College. All entering students are eligible for $2000 financial aid on a need basis. Following are the entrance award:

  • Diploma-to-Degree Scholarship
  • Renewable Degree Scholarships
  • ACCP Entrance Bursary
  • Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited Entrance Award
  • Ji Hum Kim Memorial Scholarship
  • Seneca College Alumni Association Entrance Award
  • Seneca College Board of Governors' Entrance Scholarships
  • Seneca Human Resouces Endowed Bursary
  • Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit
  • Vivienne Poy Fashion Arts Entrance Scholarship


On-Campus Accommodation

The college offers on-campus accommodation at the following campuses:

King Campus

  • The King Campus offers accommodation on Campus for students. Seneca residence offers suite-style rooms, and the building can accommodate more than about 230 students. The residence also offers amenities like the laundry room, shared kitchen and lounge.

Newnham Campus

  • The Newnham Campus offers accommodation to students, and the Campus accommodates 1,113 students in its residential building.