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New Brunswick


  • “The Hidden Gem of Canada”-New Brunswick, is one of the four Atlantic provinces, located on Canada's East Coast.
  • It is the only province in Canada that is officially bilingual, with two thirds of the population speaking English, and one third French Speaking.
  • Densely populated cities of New Brunswick are Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton the capital of New Brunswick
  • The province consists of stunning landscapes, historic sites, and plenty of entertainment and attractions.
  • Summer is one of the best times to visit New Brunswick, especially with its warm saltwater beaches, festivals, and events.


  • The population of New Brunswick is around 781,467, making it the 8th most populated province in the country.
  • Almost 2/3rd of the state's population live in the largest urban cities such as Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton which is the capital city and home to over 300,000 people.


  • New Brunswick shares its borders with Quebec to the North, Bay of Fundy to the South, The Gulf of St Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait to the East, and the US state of Maine to the West.
  • The Northern parts of the province is enclosed with a chain of mountain ranges named as Appalachian Mountain Range and river valleys, and rolling hills.
  • The highest point in the province Mt. Carleton, at 820 metres ( 2,690 ft).


  • New Brunswick has a humid climate, with an average temperature in summers is 24°C, while in Winter, the temperatures dips to -1.5 °C. July is the warmest month of the year, while January is the coldest


It is mandatory for international students to ensure that they are covered by a healthcare plan for the duration of their studies in New Brunswick.

Most of the Canadian provinces have two types of health insurance plans:

  1. Medicare - which is provided free by the Canadian government for permanent residents and citizens of Canada, covering doctor visits, hospital stays, and medical tests.
  2. Private Health Insurance - Residents and students need to purchase, it covers,hospital stays, medical tests, and many more.

University Education

  • The New Brunswick Universities are some of the oldest Universities in Canada, and are renowned for their research, industry connections, and excellent teaching facilities.
  • University in New Brunswick has tuition costs lower than $10,000 which is lower than university programs in other provinces across Canada.
  • New Brunswick is a livable province including beautiful scenery, friendly people, a vibrant lifestyle, and a safe and secure environment for students to study and live.
  • New Brunswick is the only official bilingual Canadian Province,it offers International students the option to pursue higher studies is both English and French, with internationally recognized programs and courses, in partnership with institutions across the globe