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  • Manitoba is the fifth most populated province in Canada, with approximately 1.3 million people. It is referred to as one of the three grassland provinces, together with Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Winnipeg - The capital and the largest city of Manitoba followed by Brandon.
  • The total land area of the province is 649,950 km. Manitoba is bordered by Ontario to the East, Saskatchewan to the West, Nunavut and Northwest Territories to the North, and the US states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the South.
  • Manitoba has a Parliamentary Democracy form of Government.
  • Manitoba's natural resources consist of an abundance of freshwater lakes, rivers, fishing, forestry, agriculture, gold, oil, hydroelectricity, and base metals like copper, nickel and zinc.


  • Manitoba's current population is 1.3 million.
  • Half of Manitoba's population i.e. 780,000 resides in the capital city, Winnipeg.


  • Manitoba Province of Canada has diverse landscape, with grasslands to the south and west, the arctic tundra in the north, and the Canadian Shield lakes and forests in the East.
  • Popularly known as the 'Province of Lakes', Manitoba is made up mostly of flat terrain, with hills and small mountains to the Southwest.
  • Almost half of the province is covered by the Canadian Shield, and covered by vast areas of coniferous forests, rivers, and freshwater lakes.
  • To the East of Manitoba is the province of Ontario, the west is bordered by Saskatchewan, Nunavut territories to the North, and the US States of Minnesota and North Dakota to the South.
  • The Southwestern mountains include the Pembina, Porcupine, and Duck Ranges.
  • The highest point in Manitoba is at an elevation of 2727 ft above sea level, on top of Baldy Mountain.


  • Manitoba has a humid climate , with seasonal temperature fluctuations. The Province experiences four distinct seasons, cold and dry winters, hot and dry summers.
  • Average temperatures during winters are -13 ℃ to - 15 ℃, with an occasional ,while summertime temperatures usually lie between 25 ℃ to 27 ℃.


The Manitoba International Student Health plan provides a wide-ranging health coverage for students, covering doctor visits, hospital stays, x-rays, discounted costs for medicine, and other basic medical services.

University Education

  • Manitoba, also known as 'Friendly Manitoba', is a welcoming and multicultural province, offering high quality, affordable education and training, through its wide-range of education institutions, from universities to private colleges.
  • The Manitoba education system and institutions are globally recognized, offering the most up-to-date information technology, access to state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities.