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Fanshawe College


Fanshawe College was established in 1962
  • It was established in 1962 as Ontario Vocational College, later known as Fanshawe College, is a public educational institution located in London, Ontario.
  • The college got its name in 1967 by a combination of two words, "fane" and "shawe" which means "temple in woods". The vision of the college is to unlock the potential of an individual.
  • The college is located in the Southwest Ontario of Canada, and it is amongst the biggest colleges in Ontario.
  • The college enrols 43,000 students every year, and it offers around 200 diplomas, certificates and apprenticeship programs in several different disciplines such as applied arts, business, health care, human services, hospitality and technology.
  • Fanshawe College is home to 21,000 full-time students including 6,500 international students from 100 different countries.

Schools at Fanshawe College

  • Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology
  • Lawrence Kinlin School of Business
  • Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology
  • School of Applied Science and Technology
  • School of Community Studies
  • School of Contemporary Media
  • School of Design
  • School of Digital and Performing Arts
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Language and Liberal Studies
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Safety
  • School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • School of Transportation Technology


Fanshawe College has four major campuses and three other locations such as:

London Campus

  • Fanshawe's London Campus is spread over 100 acres and is home to 23 buildings. The London campus has the School of Transportation Technology and Apprenticeship and Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology.
  • The Campus is one of the biggest campuses in Ontario and is commonly referred to as "the city within the city".

London Downtown Campus

  • The London Downtown Campus of Fanshawe is a new campus of the college. Established in 2018, it is located in Richmond Street and is home to the School of Digital and Performing Arts.

London South Campus

  • Fanshawe College's London South campus is the college's new Campus.
  • The Campus offers degrees in Business and Information Systems Architecture, Retirement Residence Management, Business Management, and Agri-Business Management.

St. Thomas / Elgin Regional Campus

  • St. Thomas/ Elgin Regional Campus of Fanshawe College and is home to around 2,000 part-time students and 350 full-time students.
  • Certificate and diploma programmes, continuing education, academic upgrading, career and employment assistance, apprenticeships, and corporate training programmes are all available at the Elgin/St. Thomas Regional Campus.

Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus

  • Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus is located in Ontario region, which is known for its strong agricultural base and rural charm, and the Campus has around 200 full-time and 100 part-time students.
  • The Campus offers academic upgrading, continuing education, corporate training, and career and job services, as well as certificate, diploma, and graduate certificate programmes. Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership, Developmental Services Worker, and Early Childhood Education are full-time programmes that are unique to this Campus.

Woodstock/Oxford Campus

  • The Woodstock/Oxford Campus is located at the forks of Highways and enrols around 450 full-time and 2000 part-time students.
  • The Campus offers apprenticeships, academic upgrading, continuing education, diploma programs, corporate training and many more.
  • The Campus offers programs such as Business - Entrepreneurship and Management, Hair Stylist, Police Foundation and Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician.

Huron/ Bruce Regional Site

  • Fanshawe has its location in the Hiron/Bruce area, and it offers technology skills and training centres.


The college offers students with on-campus accommodation, and it offers two residence choices: traditional residence suites and townhouse units.