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Part-time jobs for international students in Europe

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Part-time jobs for international students in Europe

  Posted On: 11 June 2024

Part-time jobs for international students in Europe

As an international student, you have the opportunity to make your living in Europe easier by choosing to earn extra pounds through part-time jobs in Europe. These jobs, such as working in a local cafe, tutoring, or assisting in research projects, offer financial support and provide a unique chance for personal growth and cultural immersion, enhancing your experience of studying abroad in Europe. This Comprehensive guide on Part time jobs in Europe unravel your searches for employment opportunities in Europe, why international students should consider part time jobs while studying in Europe, types of part time employment opportunities for international students in Europe, and Best cities to find jobs in Europe.

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Part-time Jobs in Europe: Reasons Why International Students Should Consider

International Students should look out for part job opportunities in Europe while studying in Universities of Europe. From financial support to language proficiency, international students can actually extract advantages by engaging in employment in Europe.

Financial Support

The most apparent reason to seek a part-time job in the cities of Europe is to alleviate the financial stress of living expenses. Cities in Europe can be costly for international students who do not earn extra money. A part-time job can provide a sense of security, making the financial burden of studying abroad in Europe more manageable. However, it's of utmost importance to understand the local labour laws and regulations. This knowledge not only protects you from potential exploitation but also ensures a fair working environment, safeguarding your rights as an employee.

Professional Skills

Engaging in part-time jobs in Europe is not just about earning extra money. It's about seizing the unique opportunity to acquire essential skills and practical experience that are not typically found within the confines of a classroom. Europe, with its diverse industries and top multinational companies, provides a fertile ground for your professional growth. These acquired skills can significantly boost your prospects for employment after completing your studies, filling you with anticipation and excitement for your future career.


Working part-time in Europe can help you build a professional network and personal connections in your host country and generate potential mentors to guide you in establishing a career abroad. These connections can go beyond work, potentially leading to friendships that make your study abroad experience feel more like home, fostering a sense of belonging and comfort.

Language Proficiency

Studying in a foreign country where the primary language is not your own? Engaging in local employment in Europe can effectively enhance your proficiency in the local language.

Cultural Immersion

When you work closely with people from the local community and interact with customers or clients, you can truly immerse yourself in the culture and gain a deeper understanding of the local way of life. Engaging in part-time jobs in Europe is a great way to adapt to the European culture.

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Part-time Jobs in Europe: Types of Opportunities in Europe

Europe offers a wide types of part-time jobs for international students. It is an excellent opportunity for students who aspire to study and settle in Europe. Here is a list of types of part-time jobs in Europe for international students.

Job Type


Estimated Earnings

Tuition fee

Retail Jobs

Cashier, sales associate, stock clerk in shops or boutiques

€8 – €12 per hour

Varied work hours and customer interaction

Hospitality and Food Service

Wait staff, bartenders, kitchen assistants in restaurants, cafes, and hotels

€9 – €12 per hour

Tips may significantly increase earnings


Offering tutoring services in a particular subject

€15 – €30 per hour

Your expertise and demand influence rates


Paid internships related to your field of study

Varies by industry

Valuable practical experience

Research Assistant

Assisting in research projects at the university

€8 – €14 per hour

Opportunity to work in your field of study

Language Teaching

Offering language lessons in your native or proficient language

€10 – €25 per hour

Valuable practical experience


Providing services like writing, graphic design, web development

Varies by project

Rates depend on skills and project scope

Campus Jobs

Roles within the university, e.g., library, administration, campus events

€8 – €12 per hour

Convenient for on-campus students

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Part-time Jobs in Europe: Types of Opportunities in Europe

Europe offers a wide variety of part-time jobs for international students. These can range from working as a language tutor, barista, or retail assistant to internships in various industries. It is an excellent opportunity for students who aspire to study and settle in Europe. Here is a list of types of part-time jobs in Europe for international students.

University Career Services

European universities provide time to time career services to help students find part-time job opportunities both on and off campus. Students can extract fruitful opportunities from these university services. Universities in Europe often organize career fairs, workshops, and job boards to connect students with potential employers.

Programs for Internships

If your university has an internship program, speak with your academic advisor to find paid internships related to your area of study. Your advisor can guide you on the application process and help you find internships that align with your career goals. These internships can provide valuable work experience and networking opportunities.

Student Organizations

Don't underestimate the power of networking. By joining clubs or student organizations, you can tap into a vast network of alumni and fellow students who may have valuable information about the best part-time jobs for students studying abroad. This potential for networking can give you hope in finding the right job.

Job portals

These user-friendly platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and similar websites are designed to make your job search in Europe convenient and efficient. With their advanced search options, you can easily find part-time jobs that match your preferences and skills, empowering you in your job search journey.

Online employment Boards

Apart from prominent job platforms, specialized websites such as EURES (European Employment Services) and Euro jobs focus specifically on facilitating opportunities for the best part-time jobs for students studying abroad in Europe. These platforms are designed to cater to your needs, making you feel welcomed in your job search.

Local Businesses

Ask for part-time jobs by going into local establishments like cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars. These chances are occasionally not promoted online.

Language Schools

If you speak your native tongue well, language schools will recruit you as a tutor. International students are frequently employed by language schools. Language Schools offers a ample number of part time job opportunities for international students in Europe.

Part Time Jobs in Europe: Best Cities to Find Opportunities in Europe

Best Cities

Known For

Berlin, Frankfurt & Hamburg in Germany

Well-known for having a varied job market, offers international students a lot of part-time work options

Paris in France

Excellent destination for part-time job seekers due to its thriving hospitality and retail industries

Dublin in Ireland

Opportunities for part-time work in IT and related fields due to Dublin’s growing tech sector

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Welcome to apply for jobs in the Netherlands, and part-time work is widely available in Amsterdam

Copenhagen in Denmark

Part-time jobs in retail, hospitality, and other industries are available in Copenhagen, a city well-known for its work-life balance

It's crucial to remember that each nation may have specific laws and limitations regarding part-time employment for foreign students. To ensure you are well-informed and prepared, it's essential to check the official website of the local government or the international office of your university for information on work permits, maximum work hours, and other legal requirements.


Part-time jobs for international students in Europe not only provide financial support but also offer a gateway to a fruitful and fulfilling experience. The knowledge, contacts, and cultural immersion you gain can be equally as beneficial as the financial assistance. By looking in the right places and exploring the right avenues, you can open the door to a promising and rewarding part-time job experience in Europe.

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