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Medical Courses in Australia After 12th

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Medical Courses in Australia After 12th

  Posted On: 07 June 2023

Medical Courses in Australia After 12th

Do you wish to study medicine in Australia after 12th? If so, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will cover everything from the best medical courses to consider pursuing in Australia to scholarship options. Additionally, we will also share the requirements and fees for enrolling in the best medical courses in Australia after 12th.

So if you are considering studying medicine, you must have a look at the options you have. After all, it is best to know everything about the field you plan to study and the courses you can choose from.
Let’s delve right into the details!

Best Medical Courses in Australia after 12th

You have several options to choose from in order to study medicine in Australia after 12th. These are explained below. But before we jump to that, let’s have an overview of these courses.

Type of Course

Course Duration 

Average Annual Starting Salary (in AUD)

Diploma in Medical

1 year (full-time);

2 years (part-time)


Associate Degree in Medical

2 years (full-time);

3-4 years (part-time)


Bachelor’s Degree in Medical

4 years (full-time)



4 to 7 years (full-time)


Note: Do not confuse between Bachelor’s Degree in Medical and Bachelor’s (H) Degree in Medical. The latter is a year’s program and can be taken only by students who have completed their bachelor’s.

1. Diploma in Medical Course

If you want to build your foundation on a subject, the diploma course is for you. You can choose from a variety of topics like Health Science, Community Wellbeing & Welfare, Allied Health Assistance, and Sports & Exercise. 
The best part about a diploma in medicine in Australia is that it is the least expensive of all sorts of courses in medicine and requires minimum time for completion. However, the learning is limited.

2. Associate Degree in Medical Course

Think of Associate Degree in Medical Course as an advanced version of a Diploma in Medical Course. It is one of the best medical courses in Australia after 12th since students can choose from a broad range of subjects and study the same for two years full-time. Hence, they gain in-depth knowledge about the subject over the period.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Course

Compared to the above-mentioned courses, it is quite difficult for students to get admission into universities for a bachelor’s degree in medicine. Being among the best medical courses in Australia after 12th, the competition is very high. Thus, we recommend you pay attention to the entry requirements of the universities you apply to in order to increase your chances of acceptance.


You must be at least 17 years old to apply for MBBS in Australia. You can opt for a joint degree or dual degree program after 12th. This includes a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Medicine. Individual programs have durations beginning from four years. However, if you opt for a dual degree, you will be required to join a 6-years full-time course plus a year’s internship.

If you are looking for the best medical courses in Australia after 12th, we recommend you opt for MBBS.

Requirements to Study Medicine in Australia after 12th

The requirements for studying medicine in Australia after the 12th depending on the type of course. The key requirements are stated in the table below

Type of Course


Diploma in Medical

PTE/TOEFL/IELTS scores, Class 12 scores

Associate Degree in Medical

PTE/TOEFL/IELTS scores, Class 12 scores

Bachelor’s Degree in Medical

ELP scores, Entrance, Class 12 scores


PTE/TOEFL/IELTS scores, Class 12 scores, ATAR/GAMSAT scores, UMAT scores, minimum age of 17 years

Additionally, students must have:

  • A valid student visa
  • An acceptance letter from the university
  • Valid passport (for at least the duration of the course)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Official transcripts copies
  • Letter of Reference (the requirement depends on the university)
  • Update resume/CV

Fees for the Best Medical Courses in Australia after 12th

In order to Study Medicine in Australia after 12th, you must have proper knowledge about the fee structure of the course you wish to opt for. Given below is the range of course fees for various levels of courses in medicine. Remember, this is just an idea. You must check out the tuition fee structure of the university you want to get into prior to application.

Type of Course

Course Fees (in AUD)

Diploma in Medical

19,000 to 25,000

Associate Degree in Medical

19,000 to 25,000

Bachelor’s Degree in Medical

30,000 to 45,000


51,000 to 89,000

Best Medical Courses in Australia after 12th: Scholarship Options

While the average starting salaries are high for students who pursue medicine in Australia, paying the course fees can still seem difficult. In fact, several international students are unable to afford the course fees of courses in medicine, especially bachelor’s and MBBS. So if you are one of them, you should consider the following scholarship options.

1. Australia Awards Scholarships (Curtin University)

All international future students applying for undergraduate courses at Curtin University can apply for the scholarship by AAS. This merit-based scholarship covers full tuition fees, airfare to and from Australia, establishment allowance, and much more.

2. Equity Scholarships Scheme (Queensland University of Technology)

All current and future international students of QUT are eligible if:

  • They are experiencing financial hardship.
  • They come from a low-income household

Eligible students can obtain either an Equity computer or an Equity Bursary for one semester, equivalent to AUD 1,800.