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Planning out overseas education can be quite a daunting task. It is a long drawn process full of technicalities. Expert guidance is called for at each and every step. Hence, the need for an overseas education advisor or a study abroad advisor, whatever you may like to call them. The job of an overseas education advisor is to simplify the whole process of applying to universities abroad. There are many ways in which study abroad advisors make your overseas education planning easier, discussed below are some of them:

One of the factors which make overseas education really complicated is the unending options that are available. A study abroad consultants helps you to carve out the best options out of a pool of seemingly suitable choices. An overseas education advisor closely studies your profile and specific requirements and then shortlists the courses, universities and destinations. As the saying goes, ‘well begun is half done’, this initial processing allows you to systemise the whole process and keep yourself focussed.

After you’ve chosen the courses and universities, there comes the process of applying to the chosen universities. Process of applying for a foreign university is multi layered. There are many things like English proficiency tests, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation etc, that has to be taken care of. An overseas education advisor streamlines this whole process and ensures that adequate attention is given to each and every aspect so as to present a strong application.

Once you’ve been selected by the university of your choice, you need to apply for a student visa. A study abroad advisor helps you navigate through the visa application process and prepares you for the interview etc. Once you successfully procure a student visa, your overseas education advisor plays the role of a mentor by acquainting you with the life as a student abroad. Overseas education advisors have student networks who are basically students whom they’ve counselled previously. These student networks can be your precious source of information about life in a new country.

Thus, an overseas education advisor can play a pivotal role in helping you achieve your aim of studying abroad. Contact SIEC today or walk into any of our branches to get in touch with best study abroad Consultants with years of experience and expertise in recruiting students in universities across the world!

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