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  • SIEC teams are trained to draft steps for an appropriate career path.
  • International employment and career trends are researched to assist course choices.
  • Advise is designed to follow the constrains of qualification, funds and destination.
  • Advise and guidance on financial planning and information about available scholarship.
  • Bundled services covering all admission and related processes.


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We have placed tens of thousands of students in universities in the countries that we represent.
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Career Guidance

At SIEC, student profiles are thoroughly assessed in order to advise the student towards the desired career outcome. SIEC career advisors assist you in narrowing university choices based on the chosen career stream and in consonance with various other constraints. SIEC career advisors are qualified resources of information and are trained to guide you through selection of courses, institutions and destinations.

Educational fairs and seminars

SIEC conducts several awareness events annually for the benefit of the student community. Educational fairs and seminars are organized, where the visiting delegates from representative universities and the experienced overseas education advisors dispense information regarding the courses and other areas pertaining to overseas education, Study Abroad Consultants, International Education. These events also provide an opportunity for students to apply for admissions to the visiting universities. There is, however, no obligation on the part of the students to file their applications and can be treated as only information gathering exercise.

Application Procedure

Admissions at institutions are a competitive exercise; requiring a lot of research and appropriate action. To ensure that your candidature stands out amongst the number of applications that any particular university receives, SIEC offers guidance to understand the tedious process of applications and a better understanding of the expectation of the university. SIEC services include guidelines to frame an impressive Statement of Purpose along with emphasizing strengths and highlighting the strong points in your resume to give you an edge, just to ensure that your application is nothing but perfect.

Post- selection assistance

Our task does not end with securing a seat for you in the University of your choice. SIEC education advisors are well versed with the visa application requirements of different countries and provide assistance regarding visa application. SIEC services facilitate foreign exchange and remittance of fees. Pre-departure orientations are conducted to enable you to have a smooth departure to the destination and a comfortable assimilation on landing.

Post arrival assistance

SIEC also offers post arrival assistance to the students that we place in various universities across the world. SIEC assists airport pick ups, temporary accommodation for the students in collaboration with respective universities.